Disheroo: Custom Online Meal Planner (Free!)

Everyone does meal planning a little bit differently.

Meal planning your way. For free.

Disheroo is a Meal Planner

A Flexible, Customizable System

Tons of features like MobileList, automated grocery lists, and RecipeGrabber make meal planning simple & convenient.

You're in control. Add unlimited meals from your family, the web, or anywhere. Change your plan. Easily switch meals around.

Optional plans organized for your convenience. Use the whole plan or just certain weeks or individual meals.


How It Works


Build Your Week

Your meal plan is created by adding meals to your week.

You choose the meals you want for the week or use any of our in-house prepared plans, which have 4 meals assigned to each week.

You can add any number of meals to your week and can add meals to any week of the year to help you plan in the best way for you.

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Add Unlimited Meals

You can add unlimited meals to our system.

Copy & paste your recipes or use our Recipe Grabber to collect them from the internet.

Install our Chrome extension and send recipes straight to your account while you search the web.

Add Your Favorite Recipes Now


Automatic Grocery Lists

Instantly generate your grocery list to shop from your mobile device or get a print out.

Items are automatically sorted by department.

You have complete control of how you fine-tune your list--use our Shopping List Customizer to designate the item's store, group items, delete items, add items, etc.

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The Easiest Shopping List

Peanut butter. Toilet paper. Chips. Use your Things I Need List to keep track of it all. Disheroo makes it as painless and convenient as possible.

Want it to be super convenient?

Add your basics (think: bread, eggs, bananas) to your Frequently Purchased Items and our system will prompt you with those items when you're updating your Things I Need or generating your grocery list to make sure you have everything.

You'll never forget an important item again.

Keep Track of It All Now


Features Built With You in Mind

See a recipe you want to have soon?

Add it to your Meals to Add Queue and always have great ideas ready to go!

Want to quickly replace one meal with another?

Our By Week and By Meal Tools give you quick and easy access to customize your meal plan.

We make customizing your meal plan a cinch.

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End Dinner Time Boredom

Endless ideas. Right at your fingertips.


5-Ingredient Shrimp Scampi with Angel Hair Pasta and Caesar Salad


Bacon Guacamole Grilled Cheese Sandwiches


Baked Lemon Butter Tilapia


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