Why an Online Meal Planner Makes it so Easy | Disheroo

The Idea

The Problem

Meal planning is tedious and time-consuming. I wanted it to be flexible and customizable. When I would sit down to plan a week or a month, my mind would go blank or I would only be able to think of 1 or 2 meals we were already sick of. So I'd sort through a stack of recipes and get some ideas, but I'd know I was missing great food from email or Pinterest. And I still had the awful task of making the shopping list.

The Solution

I decided that what I wanted was a plan for a whole year, with all of the meals in my entire collection balance for flavor, cost, time, effort, and seasons, and most of all, I wanted it to be a snap to make changes. When I tried something new at a party, or found a great Pin, or saw a recipe in a magazine, I wanted to be able to add it to the mix and replace ones we weren't so wild about. I wanted it to be fast and easy--and accessible on my phone.

The Success

Now planning takes 1 minute. My shopping list is always up-to-date, because my phone is within arm's reach. And we have delicious, easy to prepare food that makes mealtime delightful instead of drudgery. It can work for you too! You can finally stop hating the question, "What's for dinner?" Create an account today and let Disheroo answer it for you. Register Now

Never plan meals again. Unless you want to.