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What is Disheroo?


Disheroo is a free meal planning website. In addition to equipping you with a free system that handles meal-planning beautifully, we offer a year-long standard plan that provides 4 dinners per week balanced for flavor, cost, time, effort, and season. But you can also customize the Standard plan or choose a blank plan and build your own from scratch. You can add unlimited meals to your account. Adding your own meals takes about 2 minutes each. Then you can add them to your plan or search other Disheroo users' shared meals to come up with a plan you love. Or just when you're ready to cook. Endless customization. And you're in complete control.

But why?

Most people who cook regularly spend 5-60 minutes per week planning. Disheroo's goal is to reduce that time dramatically while giving you maximum flexibility and options you love.

Why not just use pinterest?

Pinterest is awesome. We all know that. You should use Pinterest to FIND recipes. But sometimes the links stop working. Even if they are working, you still have to put together your shopping list EACH TIME you want to use that recipe. That is, unless you just take the 2 minutes to add it to Disheroo the first time.

OK, but I'm still not sure

I get that. It's free though and you can register in about 15 seconds. You can use Disheroo as your backup. And you can always change your mind later.

With Disheroo you're not locked into anything. Sometimes life makes you throw the plan out the window and get a new plan. Or just wing it. Disheroo is friendly to all of those needs.


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