/ Manage items you always have so they don't clutter your shopping list, but you have them when you need them


No one likes unnecessary items on their shopping list. The clutter makes it hard to see everything else you actually need.

So Disheroo has you maintain a list of staples you keep on hand and asks you when you print a shopping list or use Mobile List what you actually need. Then it only adds what you need to your list.

Anytime you print a shopping list or use Mobile List and there are matches to your staples list, a pop up will ask you which ones you want to include. Your Profile allows you to maintain your staples so you can change them at any time.

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More Info:

We do our best to match your staples list to the meals' shopping list.
What are negative staples?
On Your Profile, when you maintain your staples list you can prevent it from matching incorrectly. For example, I want Disheroo to view "butter" as a staple, but not exclude "peanut butter" from my shopping lists.

Here's a list of popular Staples

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Negative Staple

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